Job Opportunity Submission Form


Kindly use this form to submit the job opportunities that you have the ability to help qualified persons to secure.

Please make sure to add as much details as possible about the opportunity.

We do not entertain any jobs that would require paying a fee to apply or requires up-front investment, self-employment, involved multi-level marketing or sales, door-to-door sales, a job that would risk health and safety, or does not adhere to laws of Canada. 

Once your jobs opportunity is received, the Jab Bank Administrators will review, and decide whether it is a suitable job opportunity to be shared with the community.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Job Bank processes, please contact us via

By submitting the job opportunity, you certify that this job vacancy is genuine legal job opportunity, and you are submitting this in good faith! 

Thank you for stepping-up to help a fellow community member!


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