Interac and other Donations Submissions and Tracking Form


Dear Friends, Devotees, and Well-Wishers, 


The objective of this Form is to give our kind donors the opportunity to report their donations with the amount and date, so that the Treasurer and his team who are preparing the Tax Receipts can map the donors to the donations, and provide an accurate tax receipt. 

In addition, you can use this form to inform us your contact details if you do not want to be in the Temple's Mailing List. 

Kindly note that RBC Bank and few other banks hide your email address when sending Interac donations. Therefore, always include your email address and the phone number in the Message field of the Interac transaction, as it would enable us to link the donation to the right donor. 

You may find your Interac donations in your Bank Transactions History or in your email by searching the keyword 'Interac'.

Thank you for your kind support! Information provided will be handled with strict confidentiality. 


May you all be well, happy and peaceful!


- Please fill and submit the below form with most accurate information possible -


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