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West End Buddhist Centre Community Job bank Initiative


The whole world is going through unprecedented times with the COVID-19 situation. As a result, many of our Devotees and Community Members also have become the victims losing their jobs. Those who lost their jobs have families to feed, many other ongoing financial obligations to meet, and in need of help in finding a job. 

On the other hand, there may be some of our community members who come across job opportunities in their current workplaces or in their network of friends, who could help someone securing a job. 

Under the guidance of the Chief Prelate of the Halton-Peel Buddhist Cultural Society: Ven. Kulugammana Dhammawasa Thero, and the Board of Trustees, we have set-up this Job Bank initiative to confidentially match the community members who could help someone securing a job with those who are seeking jobs.

The service is free and has been set-up in the best interest of our community members, as well as the companies that hire them, so that both the parties could benefit.

How does the initiative work? 

A selected set of volunteers of the West End Buddhist Centre are managing the Job Bank Initiative.

Our request for you is to inform us via this form [Job Opportunities Submission Form] about any job opportunities that you may be able to help community members to obtain. 

We do not entertain any jobs that would require paying a fee to apply or requires up-front investment, self-employment, involved multi-level marketing or sales, door-to-door sales, a job that would risk health and safety, or does not adhere to the laws of Canada. However, regular jobs as well as PART-TIME, CASH, ONE TIME ASSIGNMENTS are also welcomed!

We also kindly request the community members who are looking for jobs to register with our Confidential Mailing List via this form [Job Seeker Mailing List Subscription Form]. 

When we receive a job opportunity information, we will evaluate the job opportunity, and if it does not violates our policy, we will share it with the job seekers via an email digest.

In the Job Opportunity Information Digest email, we request the interested Job Seekers to contact us about any of the vacancies listed without sending the resume. Once an enquiry is received, we will confidentially put the two community members in touch with each other to proceed applying for the vacancy. We will also follow-up with both the parties on progress of the match.

Our request is for you to take an active role in this initiative helping each other. 

Let's work together to making this initiative a success!

May the Spirits of the Noble Triple Gem bless you! May you all be well and happy!

The West End Buddhist Centre Job Bank Team and the Dayaka Sabha
You can contact us via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.